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The Dark Knight is a 2008 superhero film directed, produced, and co-written by Christopher Nolan. Featuring the DC Comics character Batman, the film is the  ‎ The Dark Knight Trilogy · ‎ List of accolades received · ‎ Batman: The Long Halloween.
Christian Bale · Gary Oldman · Tom Hardy · Anne Hathaway · Marion Cotillard · Joseph Gordon-Levitt · Morgan Freeman. Sociétés de production, DC Comics Sortie ‎: ‎ 2012.
The Dark Knight Trilogy is a superhero film trilogy based on the DC Comics character Batman. The trilogy consists of Batman Begins The Dark Knight   Release date ‎.

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Unknown to them, the Joker has switched the locations, sending Batman after Dent and Gordon after Rachel. The Joker acknowledges that Batman is truly incorruptible, but that Dent was not, and that he has unleashed Dent upon the city. When Holmes was arrested outside the cinema, he told police: 'I'm the Joker. Using Gordon's stolen speech, Bane reveals the cover-up of Dent's crimes to the public, and releases the prisoners of Blackgate Penitentiary , initiating anarchy.
wiki dark knight

Denby concludes that Movie ploetzlich wieder jung zurueck is "mesmerising" in every scene. James Newton Howard was offered to return and write the score with Zimmer as he did for Batman Begins and The Dark Knightwiki dark knight, but he chose not to because he noted that the chemistry established between Zimmer and Nolan during the making of Inception would make him seem like a "third wheel". Legends of the Superheroes. He started this objection by spying on Gordon from a tailor shop as the sergeant and his corrupt partner, Det. He tries to reason with Two-Face and tells him to point the gun at the people truly responsible for Rachel's death, so the former D. Après avoir livré filme tropfend nasse fotze Joker à la police, Batman se met à la recherche de Dent et le retrouve à l'endroit où Rachel est morte, retenant Gordon et sa famille, wiki dark knight. Roger Ebert noted, "Throughout the film, [the Joker] devises ingenious situations that force Batman, Commissioner Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to make impossible ethical decisions. In Gotham City, the Joker robs a mob-owned bank with his accomplices, whom he tricks into killing each. Gordon is promoted to commissioner erotische massagen massage happy heidelberg Garcia for his efforts. Not wanting Reese's revelation to interfere with his plans, the Joker threatens to destroy a hospital unless someone kills Reese. The Wiki dark knight Adventures of Batman.

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Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. It's the gold standard and what any other technology has to match up to, but none have, in my opinion. Loeb et la juge présidant le procès contre la mafia sont ainsi assassinés alors que le Joker fait irruption avec ses hommes à la recherche de Harvey Dent , lors de la soirée de collecte de fonds organisée par Bruce Wayne.

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